Genetic Engineering Introduction

Overview & Concepts

This is a simple introductory activity that will allow students to expose themselves to the uses of DNA manipulation in genetic engineering. Students will also practice their reading and writing skills with this activity. They will read, summarize, and form opinions before the curriculum explores how it is done. 

Grade Level: 

Concepts Covered: 

Genetic engineering

Activity Notes

Days to Teach: 

30-45 minutes (highly dependent on the students' reading and writing abilities)


  • Internet access
  • Handout (see attached documents) 

Teaching Tips / Activity Overview: 

  • The website is basic.  This activity would be best as a brief introduction.
  • There are brief activities and resources on the website you may find useful.

Instructional Sequence:

  1. Introduce and explain the activity
  2. Provide the handout and allow students time to work through it 


The writing completed will be evaluated. Oral questioning will also provide insight into the understanding of the students. 


This lesson was created by Rachel Stern. 

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