Java Arrays and Blood Donors

Overview & Concepts

Students will write a Java program that will identify legal donor / recipient pairs based on the mRNA sequence of 6 individuals.

Grade Level: 

Concepts Covered: 

Punnet Squares, Blood Types, Rh-factor, Arrays, Static Methods

Prior Knowledge Required: 

Static Methods, Parameters, Arrays

Activity Notes

Days to Teach: 

5 Days


  • Blood Type Chart
  • Blood Type PreLab Worksheet
  • Red Cross Facts about Blood Needs
  • SNPS Worksheet

Teaching Tips / Activity Overview: 

Day 1

  1. Discuss Red Cross Blood Drive and issues of donor rejection
  2. Introduce Punnett Square
  3. Work in pairs on worksheet

Day 2

  1. Examine Polymorphic sites chart
  2. Show sample data
  3. Discuss best method for data entry (initialize list)
  4. Work with partner to identify and define essential static methods

Day 3

  1. In lab develop java code to identify blood types
  2. Confirm work matches sample output

Day 4

  1. In lab develop java code to match donor – recipient pairs
  2. Encourage collaboration for those having trouble

Day 5

  1. Screen checks with teacher data
  2. Students share solutions


Worksheet completed with partner will indicate understanding of basic blood types. Students will compare output for each step with sample output on lab sheet. The final summative assessment will be with teacher-provided data. 


  • Fast, motivated workers could use on-line sites master data entry using files.
  • AP Biology students could provide additional information on blood types and rh-factors.


Carolyn Stewart wrote this lesson.

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