Visual BASIC Blood Type Predictor

Overview & Concepts

Students will write a Visual BASIC computer program that first asks the user to enter the phenotype and then the genotype of the parents. The program will then use that information to predict the blood type of the children.

Grade Level: 

Concepts Covered: 

Blood type, phenotype, genotype, alleles, Punnett square

Prior Knowledge Required: 

Students must know decision structures used with logical operators in the Visual BASIC computer language.

Activity Notes

Days to Teach: 

Approximately two 45-minute class periods


  • Computers with Visual BASIC
  • Blood Type Chart

Teaching Tips / Activity Overview: 

  1. Ask the students in the class if they know their blood type and ask why it would be important to know this.  Use this essential question: "How can I write a Visual BASIC computer program using decision structures dealing with blood types." 
  2. Introduce the biology concepts that the students need to know for this activity. 
  3. Distribute the "Blood Type Chart" and the project sheet.
  4. Discuss with the class how this problem could be completed.  Possibly have the students work with a partner for this exercise.  Create an interface and allow the students to complete this project.
  5. Grade upon completion.


  • Pre-assessment:  None
  • Post-assessment: Teacher will ensure that the interface is acceptable and that the program is user friendly.  Teacher will then run the program with sample data to be sure that the logic is correct.


Once students complete the initial project, an extension would be to intoduce Rh factor and add this in all the calculations.


Here are some web pages to check out:


These teacher notes and resources were produced by Dennis Shambaugh.

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