What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is a new and rapidly expanding field at the intersection of biology, chemistry, computer science, and applied mathematics. Recent advances in fields like genetics, genomics, and proteomics have led to the creation of very large sets of biological data. To manage, process, and understand this massive new body of biological data, scientists use a cross-disciplinary approach. The real world application of bioinformatics spans many disciplines, from biology to medicine, to waste management, to energy development, to agriculture.

Three information-rich tutorials about the discipline of bioinformatics are HHMI's Biointeractive - What is Bioinformatics?, the  NCBI Bioinformatics Fact Sheet, and the EMBL- EBI Bioinformatics Tutorial.

How can bioinformatics be integrated into high school classrooms?  In so many ways!  Read on....

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